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CM100 Series Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
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The CM100 series has four models. They have the same amplifier (body) with three positions on the pad and three positions on the HPF, but different capsules.

CM100-C is cardioid pattern transformerless SDC mic.

CM100-H is hypercardioid pattern transformerless SDC mic.

CM100-O is omni pattern transformerless SDC mic.

CM100-O-Flat is omni pattern transformerless SDC mic with extra smooth top end.

The CM100 series is recommended for professional studio, live sound and home recording applications.


. Externally polarized condenser capsule

. Gold sputtered small diaphragm

. Switchable low frequency roll-off: flat, 60Hz or 120Hz

. Switchable pre attenuation: 0dB, -8dB or -16dB

. Fully discrete 'Class A' transformerless circuitry

. Low self noise and high level output

. Brass bodies

. Gold plated XLR connector

. Matched pair available

. Extra capsules available

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