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Warbler MKVI - Multiple Voicings Bright Sound Style Condenser Microphone
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. Lead/solo vocals, speech, acoustic/electric guitar, acoustic/electric bass, saxophone, brass and drum applications, especially for modern music.


. Switchable bright sound styles: Voicing 1, Voicing 2 and Voicing 3

. Fixed cardioid pattern

. 34mm center terminated externally polarized pressure gradient condenser capsule

. Single gold sputtered large diaphragm

. Hand-assembling capsule and hand-soldering PCB

. Vintage style 9.5: 1 transformer

. Low frequency roll-off switchable between flat and 120Hz

. Selectable pre attenuation: 0 or -10dB

. Fully discrete 'Class A' circuitry with high quality electronic components on signal path including Fairchild FET, Dale resistors and Wima capacitors

. Three years full manufacturer warranty

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